Episode- 28


– How do you fight back against those bullying you? You choose to accept yourself! Which is exactly what Abby did the day she decided to remove the wig, and let people see her for who she really is, how God himself designed her to be. Abby has something called Alopecia. In terms it means she has no hair, or atleast almost none. There was a short period of her life where no hair was of existence. But through the school bullying, her questioning God why He made her this way, she found herself. Picking up the guitar and learning slowly how to tune her voice, Abby has managed to overcome some very deep and emotional hardships in her life that no child should ever have to face. But she stands here today, with the cheesiest smile on her face lol, sipping on that good ol pumpkin spice latte from starbucks, and is strong in her self acceptance, and speaking her story of how she learned to not only love herself, but grow within herself. Awesome beautiful heart, and awesome angelic like voice! Make sure to check her out, follow her work, and please if anything else, send her some positive words her way!



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