Episode: 31


– From battling social anxiety, to doing his first podcast interview. Travis is a unique character no matter which way you slice him. This has been one of the more deeper talks ive had with one of my guest. From topics of local memphis creatives and how that whole culture is growing, to his humble start in the creative industry, to getting deep in convo about his battle with social anxiety and missed opportunities. But i’ve learned that you dont really get to know who that person truly is until about an hour into the talk lol. Which is why we took it to another level, and brought the BIGGEST CREATOR I know out there. Yeshuah. Or more commonly known as God. No matter what religion or faith your live is based on, or wether you dont believe in a creator at all. Even the Big Bang was “CREATED” out of nothing. Well creation happens through a creator. This episode is much deeper then just a photographer or a videoagrapher or an illustrationist. We have been given these gifts, these talents all for a reason most of us wont probably ever know what for. I feel like we all have them, we just need to learn how to focus on what that talent is, and harness it! Travis and I go back and forth on persona beliefs, and our reasons for them. We dont agree on it all right, but we agree that there is someone, or something bigger then us out there guiding our every step. THAT we do agree on lol. And its ok to disagree. We are not meant to agree with everything that comes out our mouths. How boring a world that would be if we were all created with the same mind set… Im sure this cast was for someone, even if just one person gets someone they needed out of this..



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